Paru Manual

1. Create your Paru Calendar

  • Use /paru create
  • Set the amount of days, events will be displayed in advance
  • Optionally change the name of the calendar
  • Create one calendar per channel, multiple per server
  • The calendar refreshes itself and will always stay in the same message

2. Link your Online Calendar

  • Use /paru link
  • Enter an .ics/ical link of an online calendar
  • Tutorial for Google Calendar, Sesh Bot, Microsoft 365
  • Sync 1, 2, or more calendars to one Paru Calendar
  • Refresh every 24 hours, faster on premium plans

3. Set the Timezone

  • Use /paru timezone
  • Show your events in the correct timezone
  • Soon: Individual timezones per user

4. Create a Role-Reminder

  • Use /paru reminder add
  • Use /paru reminder remove
  • Notify particular roles of upcoming events
  • For individual reminders, please use the bell next to the calendar
  • Posted in the same channel as the calendar & auto-deletes
  • Default accuracy of ± 24 hours, better with premium plans
  • (Means: If you create a reminder for 30 min before your event,
    the reminder will trigger between 30 min - 1d 30 min before the event.
    This is due to cost reasons.)

5. Modify your Calendar

  • Use /paru modify
  • Toggle showing the endtime, description and location of events
  • Change the calendar name or days of events shown in advance
  • Remove synced links with the calendar
  • Premium only: Change Icon & Color of the calendar

All Commands

  • Use /paru refresh to refresh the calendar for testing purposes
  • Soon: More to come 🚀