Google Workspace

Connect your Discord Server to Google Workspace.

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How does Paru work?

  • Let users create a Google Workspace account via Discord
  • Users can link their existing Workspace User to Discord
  • Link Discord Roles and Workspace-Groups
    (If User A has Role X → Automatically assign Group X)
  • Privacy friendly. Data encrypted. EU/US-hosted.

Simply saves time. Work on things that matter.

  • Paru saves time you previously wasted on administrative stuff
  • Empower member to self-create and self-link their Workspace Account
  • Remove friction and improve your user satisfaction

Flexible. As much as you like.

  • Create Workspace Mails based on custom mail pattern
  • Default Role & Workspace-Group upon successful account linking
  • Power to the Admin: Link & Unlink users yourself
  • Soon: Auto-sync Roles & Groups. Auto-delete workspace accounts. Custom signup attributes.

Missing a feature?

  • Please join the Paru Discord Server and let us know
  • We are more than happy to add your feature to Paru!

Select a Plan

Small Community

  • Link 7 users per server
  • Role-group syncing by command
  • Soon
  • Auto-Delete Workspace User
  • Custom create fields
  • Instant-Role-Group Sync
  • And more...stay tuned
Free Community Edition

Growing Community

  • Link 25 users per server
  • Instant Role-Group Sync
  • All of the features before +
  • Paru ❯❮ Calendar Premium
  • Paru ❯❮ Twitch Premium

Grand Community ⭐️

  • Link unlimited users per server
  • Instant Role-group Sync
  • All of the features before +
  • Paru ❯❮ Calendar Premium Max
  • Paru ❯❮ Twitch Premium Max
  • Priority Support
  • Priority for Feature Requests
Paru will always be free and sufficient for most use-cases. Premium plans for those who need more